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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 8, 2014 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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nbc bay area news starts now. thank you for supporting me and lifting me up and for not forgetting me. at the same time i'm not forgetting the people of north korea. >> back home after being held in north korea, two americans are on u.s. soil tonight when the communist nation released them today. and also the bay bridge brought to a standstill. a car driving the wrong way crashes shutting down the
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bridge. thanks for joining us. i'm peggy bunker. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. traffic is starting to move along now. a crash brought the bay bridge to a grinding halt a while ago. christie smith live in san francisco with the latest. >> reporter: good evening. i just got off the phone with chp and the lanes impacted around 8:30 tonight all of them in fact are back open. but, boy, what a night to try and get out of the city. we're on first street. this is one of the main thoroughfares to try to get on the bridge. you can see the backup here at first street. the chp telling me this started with a wrong way driver going westbound on eastbound lanes of the bridge. the chp says the driver also didn't have their headlights on. officers responded, they say there was a collision up there, at least four cars involved. conflicting reports on the number of injuries and severities. but what the chp is telling me just a couple of minutes ago is right now about four people
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injured, minor injuries, but that's still being evaluated. could change. what's happening they're say sg that it was a real challenge even getting some of those emergency vehicles through that traffic. there was a large debris field up there as this accident was cleared. and in the city, well, drivers just sat and waited. >> a good 45 minutes. i even parked and turned off my truck. i said let's go for a walk. >> i think an hour. yeah. i see a lot of cars just jamming right here. i just want to go exit but cannot go anywhere. >> reporter: one of those people who was transported tonight was actually the wrong way driver according to the chp. at this point they don't know exactly why the driver would get ongoing the wrong way. they say it's actually not unheard of. usually the driver would correct it before they get up on the bridge. certainly that is part of the investigation, a central part of it in fact. ask chp how much longer drivers
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might expect to wait, how much longer it might look like this out here and they said to keep your patience, could be another 45 minutes. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. thank you so much. now to a developing story. just a few hours ago two americans finally back home on american soil. they were previously held by the north korean government. and with his family by his side, kenneth bae talked about his two-year ordeal. the latest on the homecoming. this is the moment, mary ann, the bae family's been waiting for. >> two years in fact. he spent two years in prison in north korea. for eight hours a day he did hard labor and then spent the rest of the day in isolation. at one point he was so sick he was hospitalized. but tonight kenneth bae said he never gave up hope. >> my brother is home. all of our hopes and prayers for this moment have finally come true.
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we are so thankful. >> reporter: the long nightmare for kenneth bae is over. tonight he walked off a plane in ft. louis, washington, where his family was waiting. bae's sister who campaigned tirelessly for her brother's safe return is overjoyed. >> my brother is home. all of our hopes and prayers for this moment have finally come true. we are so thankful. >> reporter: matthew todd miller was also reunited with his family tonight. the man who helped win their release is national intelligence director james clapper. he flew to north korea for the high stakes negotiations. today, president obama reacted to the news the men were released. >> well, i think it's a wonderful thing for them, their family, obviously grateful for their safe return. >> reporter: miller, who's from bakersfield, arrested this spring after reportedly ripping
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up his visa at the airport. he was charged with espionage and sentenced to hard bailor. bae, a korean-american missionary from seattle had been held for two years. >> we have to exercise a certain skepticism. >> reporter: a senior fellow at the hoover institution at stanford university offered insight on the timing of the release. >> clearly they don't care about human beings. i mean, these are simply pawns to them. and it's a good time to release them. they'd extracted a great deal of political capital, a lot just by holding him. which makes them look strong to their own people. >> reporter: and tonight bae told reporters it's been an amazing two years. i learned a lot, i grew a lot and i lost a lot of weight. back to you. >> mary ann, thank you very much. just a few weeks ago another american was released from the communist nation. jeffrey fowle was arrested after leaving a bible at a club.
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the swedish government helped negotiate his release. fowle says he never had any contact with either of the two men released tonight. a stern warning coming from the state department for u.s. citizens who want to travel to north korea. u.s. government strongly recommending against visiting. north korean officials demand tourists have a guide and driver at all times and never just wander around on their own. few have been arrested for just trying to talk to locals or taking unauthorized photos. cell phones are allowed but all communication is monitored at all times. even unknowingly violating north korea laws could lead to a death sentence. it has been four days since voters cast their ballots and yet no definitive answer in the san jose mayor's race. about 75,000 ballots are still unaccounted tonight. right now tallied votes a 2% lead over david cortesi. that could all change by this time tomorrow. that's when santa clara county
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voting officials say all remaining mail-in ballots will be finally tallied. the registrar's office is also asking for an independent investigation after reports that votes were lost due to problems at the county's computers. another curious detail, the curious i.t. manager abruptly resigned right before the election. we broke that story yesterday. and voters want california senator diane feinstein and barbara boxer a chance. voters say they simply don't want two of the safe most political figures to run for re-election. 59% of democrats want new candidates. no surprise that 79% of republicans agree. no word yet from either senator about another six-year term. a baby gorilla captured hearts all over the bay area. but tonight those animal lovers in mourning after learning that baby gorilla died in an accident. san francisco zoo officials say it happened friday night. the loveland gorillas were being
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moved to their night enclosures when kabibe got caught under a closing hydraulic door. kabibe was born last july and a crowd favorite. >> a friend told us, they texted us and told us a baby gorilla had passed away. we said oh. >> zoo keepers are also mourning the loss tonight. officials say this type of accident is extremely rare. investigating how and why it happened and they're going to review their policies, procedures and training as well. and now to an nbc bay area follow-up, a nurse who fought an ebola quarantine has now apparently made a big decision about her next steps. ka ri hickox will be leaving her home state of maine so she and her boyfriend can "get their lives back on track." her 21-day quarantine ends on monday. the governor of maine wanted her in quarantine after she returned from west africa. she took the governor to court and won. hickox has shown no signs of the deadly virus. and they want better protection in the fight against
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ebola, that's right. 18,000 kaiser nurses are planning a two-day strike next week. the california association nurses strike will reportedly begin on tuesday. this will affect 56 kaiser hospitals and clinics across northern california. the union says kaiser is not doing enough to protect nurses and other workers against the ebola virus. kaiser denies that claim and says all of its facilities will remain open during the nurses strike. well, it may be autumn but it sure feels more like summer. let's take a live look outside right now. san jose on your left. san francisco on your right. and there's a warning about air quality for tomorrow. looking at san francisco there, looks like the fog has moved in. but we're talking about problems tomorrow, right, rob? >> yeah, we're seeing problems setting up with cooler air at ground level and warmer air higher up helping to trap the smoke pollution across the area. 83 also into sonoma. we have pressure and light winds out there, the smoke gets
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trapped below right close to sea level. this is the reason we have a spare the air alert for smoke pollution tonight. a no burn night the first of our wintertime spare the air across the bay area. the worst of the smoke pollution tomorrow morning will be towards the bay. patchy fog part of your sunday morning forecast. we're watching that. and finally the return to some rain in your seven-day forecast. a look at that straight ahead. >> rob, thanks so much. coming up next at 11:00, how much for the ride? uber needs another billion dollars. no better public servant to be our next attorney general. let me introduce to you ms. loretta lynch. >> president obama makes his pick for the country's top cop. his choice and why her confirmation may be a problem. plus, you can't handle the truth. more on the oscar winning movie "a few good men" brings back to
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life again. >> i can too.
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new video tonight of boy scouts honoring american flags by burning them. this is the way you're supposed to do it. the retiring of the star spangled banner carried out by scouts in los gatos. part of this community service project after realizing many people don't know how to properly dispose of old and tattered flags. this is how you do it. >> we are honoring veterans for veterans day as well as trying to raise awareness for the american flag in the community. and it's not just some piece of fabric. it's the symbol of our nation. it's a little bit more than
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that. >> the troupe planned the ceremony to coincide with veterans day. their goal was to retire 100 flags, but so far they have retired 280 flags from all across the united states. >> great idea. great project as well. president obama has chosen a tough and respected veteran to hold the top law enforcement job in the country. today he nominated loretta lynch for attorney general. if confirmed she would be the first african-american woman to hold that job. nbc's kristen dahlgren has more on the nomination and how the shift in congress could put that nomination in jeopardy. >> thank you everyone. >> reporter: flanked by president obama and outgoing attorney general eric holder, loretta lynch accepted the nomination for what the president called the people's lawyer. >> i will work every day to safeguard our citizens, our liberties, our rights and this great nation which has given so much to me and my family. >> reporter: the 55-year-old is currently the u.s. attorney for eastern new york. known for tough conviction like
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the new york police officer who assaulted abner louima. >> loretta might be the only attorney battles mobsters and terrorists and still has the reputation of being a charming people person. >> reporter: the daughter of a school librarian and baptist minister, lynch is a wife and stepmother, harvard educated. and if confirmed would be the first african-american woman to hold the post. significant civil rights leader whose next attorney general will oversee federal investigation including the one in ferguson, missouri. >> i think loretta lynch certainly satisfies all of us that she will continue in the same vain that eric holder had began. >> reporter: but while the president urged a speedy confirmation, republicans may not be as quick to push lynch through a lame duck congress. senator charles grassley saying he expected lynch to get a fair but thorough vetting. while presumptive senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said her nomination should be considered in the new congress. what could be a high power
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partisan battle shaping up over a woman the president says has always been more about making a difference than making headlines. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, new york. what is a ride worth? uber wants to raise a billion bucks to further expand their service worldwide. the ride sharing company set its sights on opening up shop in asia, latin america, eastern europe and africa. uber is already the highest valued private company in silicon valley. did you know that? >> yes. >> i did not. now i do. uber officials hope its reputation will help in fund raising and expansion. right now the 5-year-old company is operating in 45 countries. >> wow. pretty incredible. a term now we all use. part of our venacular. it was a sunny saturday. >> it was. record breaking for oakland. 50s to low 60s in san francisco
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but a chilly 53 in the north bay. right now the winds still slightly offshore, but we're starting to see some changes out closer to the coast in and around san francisco. the return of some low clouds and fog there along the seashore. that is one of the reasons out towards the coast we could see temperatures coming down just a little bit. so your forecast for sunday will include patchy clouds. meantime, inland temperatures plenty warm with mostly sunny skies and highs climbing close to 77 degrees in san jose around 3:00 in the afternoon. 80 in morgan hill. you'll see numbers in the low 70s around san francisco. and for the north bay highs in the upper 70s for the trivalley. we're looking at those highs also in the upper 70s to low 80s. satellite and radar view shows some interesting weather happening off to our north and west. we've been seeing this large storm confirmed to be the strongest since 1977 in the bering sea, one of the reports
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929.8 mil bar bs. something to watch out for, some swells our way. but this is going to kind of redirect the jet stream and send a plunge of the arctic air into the midwest and plains. and next week looks downright chilly. highs 30s and 40s for almost two-thirds of the country. out west high pressure will hold its ground, at least through about wednesday morning. then after that we will see a chance of seeing some rain showers. as a system here drops down from the north, we will see starting wednesday increasing clouds and a chance of seeing some rain looks like from wednesday night on into thursday morning and then out of here by midday thursday. and unfortunately that looks to be about it. most of the rainfall totals with this system for wednesday night and thursday should be up around the north bay, but we will certainly at least see some cooler temperatures and more of the 70s and 80s to finish off the weekend. five-day forecast, santa rosa cooling off into the 70s, by the afternoon showers ending thursday morning. and same trend for san jose and around san francisco you'll see
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those highs cooling rapidly towards the middle part of the week. thursday morning the best bet of seeing rain. after that high pressure builds in and temperatures will be rising again heading towards next weekend. back to you. >> some big changes. thank you so much, rob. time to check sports. let's bring in kate scott from comcast sports. a heck of a game. a couple heck of a games on tonight. >> it was a busy night. both very successful games. sharks did it in style with a win in dallas while the warriors and rockets went at it in a battle of the unbeaten down in houston. we'll find out next in sports.
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three of the a-teams began the day undefeated. the warriors, rockets and memphis grizzlies. the grizzlies streak came to an end in milwaukee. who would be the last perfect team? let's head to houston to find out. warriors and rockets squaring off in a battle of the unbeatens. dwight howard a late scratch with the flu. warriors started fast in the third. an easy two, then watch curry. playing it cool then nabs the inbound and just like that warriors up six. then in the fourth curry simply too hot for houston. seth curry taking an awful james hardin pass. moments later take a pass from andre and that would be the ball game. 23 of seth's 34 came in the second half.
11:23 pm
the warriors stay perfect with a 98-87 win. >> i don't know how we're 5-0 the way we just toss the ball around. it's bizarre. but we're 5-0, so that's good. we like that part. >> the rockets were able to hang in for a while. how did the warriors -- >> well, we have this guy named seth curry, he's pretty good. >> he is pretty good. texas pretty good this season too. they're in dallas for the opener of a seven-game road trip. third period logan, hot just like that. under ten to play, shepherd to byrns. things get interesting. going to clear the puck and anton frustrated by the score and you see what happens next. shaken up but would stay in the game. sharks hang on for the 5-3 win.
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>> you know, sometimes tough -- played real welcoming down the stretch. and we were able to capitalize. >> one last note for those of you watching the 49ers game tomorrow, chase thomas said to make his nfl debut. the linebacker promoted from the niners practice squad earlier today. great news for stanford fans out there. i guess a few of us cal fans will be watching too, right, terry? >> absolutely we'll be watching. >> and niners fans as well. thank you so much. >> we'll be right back. hey john, check it out. whoa! yeah, i was testing to see if we really can turn any device in your house into a tv. and the tablet worked just fine. but i wanted to see if the phone would work as well. so i shrunk sharon. every channel is live just like on tv. but it's my phone. it's genius. shh! i'm watching tv.
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>> oh, can america though? nbc's hoping you can handle a live stage version of the oscar winning movie. nbc reportedly in negotiations to produce a live version, imagine that, of "a few good men". >> a lot of networks trying to catch up on that number. remember they did that live that was gang busters for the network. this story revolving around a court-martial case around two marines killing another servicemen. some see this as a sign that the network may be focusing now on dramas. >> jack nicholson and tom cruise, they were great. no word yet on casting. or director or when it will air. >> you would be fabulous in that role. >> i kind of liked you the way you said it earlier in the show. >> we were practicing with a lot of energy. >> that would be a nice twist. have a woman being the one -- >> i'm up for it. let's do it. >> real quick, anything wild tomorrow? >> no, you can handle this.
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70s, 80s tomorrow. >> sounds nice. >> thank you, rob. thank you for watching nbc bay area news. >> "saturday night live" is next. have a good night.
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